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Advanced technology

We develop solutions that including technologies that are at the cutting edge: the most advanced technology available.
We provide development in Blockchain, VR/AR, IoT. We focus on the specific needs of each customer and provide a solution that delivers maximum results in our R&D services.


Blockchain is a data storage unit or a digital register of transactions, proceedings, contracts. Eithersoft adheres to the following principles in the development of such solutions: distribution, openness, security.

Internet of Things

Eithersoft provides a full cycle of developing products and solutions in the Internet of Thinks: physical, network-level development, development of applications for devices, configuration and management of consoles or toolbars of IoT systems.


This direction of the company is responsible for the research, development and implementation of innovative technologies. We are working with tasks that include elements of uncertainty, complex of hard technologies.


It's a hard task to provide a dive into the virtual reality and the development of products of augmented reality. We have great computing power and professional skills to provide such development.

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