Головна / Індустрії


Since 2008 we work with worldwide organizations and startups. We help them to find best solutions for thier business and produce new products to market. Our team create and provide new ideas and instruments for lives in new information age.

Комунікації та Медіа

We help our clients build products and solutions for content delivery across all modern platforms including Web media streaming, Mobile information delivery and Video streaming.

Електронна комерція

We deliver a complete range of digital commerce and marketing services to a global set of customers across traditional and online retail, manufacturing and distribution segments.

Фінансові сервіси

We provide a broad range of engineering, design, security and other services they need to roll out new offerings in this rapidly expanding area based on modern technologies.

Електроніка та промисловість

Electronics related technologies are becoming so central to industrial development that many developing countries are tempted to make them the cornerstone of their future strategies.


Technologies that we provide are capable of handling large amounts of structured and unstructured data to help develop and otherwise create new strategic business opportunities.


EitherSoft are developing instrument and platforms for educational program and services. We implement new technical and IT solutions in education and study processes.

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